Sat February 26, 2022

By April Lovette

The Community Feed: Bringing people together one meal at a time

The Community Feed at Curry's Community Outreach Ministry in Prescott had great success today as they served 147 lunch plates. The Community Feed takes place the fourth Saturday of every month at 606 Greenlawn St. and is free for anyone who would like a fried chicken lunch. The lunch plates can be received by drive-thru, delivery, or as a sit-down meal within the building itself.

Pastor Ivory Curry said there has been amazing support from local businesses and civic organizations who donate to help make this event and others possible, as well as individuals and other groups from the community. Munn's Chapel also donated this month to help with the Community Feed. Curry said the volunteers are huge part of what makes the this community event successful. Today's volunteers included a Rotary member, Lions Club member, participants from the ministry, and many citizens from the community who showed up to lend a hand. Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Ben Hale and his wife, Lizzy Hale, also volunteered today to assist with serving.

The Community Feed has been taking place for five years, and Curry shared with SWARK.Today the inspiration behind this project. "We wanted to do something that would help bring our community together," Curry said. "The businesses, churches, and civic organizations all help here, and people come from all over to participate. I love my community, and we can make so many things better for people if we all come together."

The Community Feed is just one of the many aspects of Curry's Community Outreach Ministry which aims to serve. Every Christmas, a meal and bike giveaway are presented to local children. Also, a food pantry, Curry's Kitchen sponsored by Prescott Rotary, sits just outside the building, open and accessible for anyone who needs it or would like to donate. For the upcoming spring break school holiday, Curry says they plan to have a youth activity. More info about what the ministry has to offer can be found at their website HERE.

Curry said they will have even more lunch plates next month and encourages anyone who would like a fried chicken lunch to come by 606 Greenlawn in Prescott for the drive-thru or a sit-down meal. Anyone who needs a delivery can call 5018184658. The next Community Feed will be March 26 and begins at 11am.

Anyone who would like to donate to the Community Feed or other projects from Curry's Community Outreach Ministry can do so at their website HERE, or send to $ilcurry at cash app, or mail a check to 505 Sherwood Drive, Prescott AR, 71857. Those who want to volunteer time and services can call 5018184658.

Volunteers at the Community Feed