Three Little E's Farm Joins Hope Farmers' Market Today

Emma (8) and Evan (5) of the Three Little E's Farm (Ella, age 2, was elsewhere napping after a tiring morning selling watermelons!)

The Hope Farmers' Market was joined by some new faces today: The Three Little E's Farm. This farm is the Johnson family out of Spring Hill, parents Eric and Elissa, and the three little E’s are Emma, age 8, Evan, age 5, and Ella, age 2. These particular watermelons were planted, grown, and picked by the kids themselves. When asked how they felt about being at the Farmers' Market today, Emma served as spokesperson for the group and said, “We're excited! These watermelons were grown in Spring Hill, Arkansas. We're going to put the money in our college fund.” If Emma looks familiar, it's because she is one of the dynamic duo, along with best bud Salem Short, who had the lemonade stand at the Super Saturday Sidewalk Sale in downtown Hope last April. Emma and Salem then took the profits and donated the money to Hope In Action. It’s safe to say that little Emma Johnson is getting a good head start on the important things in life.

Also at the Farmers' Market today was the Hope Civitan Club hosting the Hospitality Table with the members expressing their excitement to be out in the community and mingling with people. They had to-go snacks and refreshments, as well as info about their club ready to go for any interested patrons.

Other vendors at Market today were fan-favorites the Mint Man with his mint-themed products, Aunt Fern with her fried pies, and David Langston with his jams and jellies. Carolyn's Kitchen and Georgina’s Baked Goods had baked goodies galore while Young Sprouts had fresh picked flowers arranged in ready-to-go bouquets. Salinas Farms, Arnold Farms, Heirloom Farms, and Bright Family Farms had plenty of fresh produce and other homemade items for shoppers to browse. All in all, it was a good day to go to the Market.

Hope Farmers' Market occurs every Tuesday at the Hub in downtown Hope from 7am to 11am.

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