Mon January 13, 2020

By Jesse Evans

Truck Rollover Shut Down I-30 During Weekend Storm

Hempstead County was spared any extreme weather in the storms that passed through the region Friday and Saturday, but heavy rain did contribute to some issues including one that shut I-30 West  down for several hours after a semi overturned during heavy rain, completely blocking westbound lanes.

According to the driver, who identified himself as Jogy, he was traveling to Laredo, TX when he drove off the edge of the road on the median near the 39 mile marker during the heavy rain and lost control when he attempted to correct back onto the highway. The truck, licensed out of Ontario, Canada and belonging to GIGG Express, went out of control, turning cross-way across the interstate and rolling onto its left side and completely blocking off the westbound lane.

Arkansas State Police and Hempstead County Deputies responded to the crash along with Pafford EMS.

The driver said he was not injured and decline any medical treatment on scene. Nevada County was contacted, and deputies posted on the interstate to attempt to divert traffic off the highway at Prescott.

The first vehicles on the scene were other semis whose drivers saw the crashed truck and were able to stop without any further collisions in the low visibility conditions. Traffic backed up for several miles with drivers stuck riding out the storm on the interstate for several hours while crews from Red River worked to clear the truck, trailer and cargo from the roadway.

The truck was transporting auto parts and bags of sodium diacetate, so there was no serious hazmat concerns.