Sun August 13, 2023

By Lance Hawley

Watermelon Softball Tourney saw 77 Teams Compete this Weekend

Watermelon Womens Division Champions- Lady Patchwork

Hope- There were three divisions in this years Watermelon Softball Tournament, Womens Division, Mens E/Rec Division, and Mens Upper Division. Also, had the Co-Ed division take place Friday evening. The Womens division was won by team Lady Vision, 2nd place was Lady Patchwork, and 3rd place was team All of Us. The Winner of the Mens E/Rec Division was team Roxy, 2nd place was team BDE, and the Strokers claimed 3rd place. In the Mens Upper division 1st place was won by the Tune Squad. 2nd place was claimed by Victory and 3rd place was Clayton’s Homies. It was a great weekend of softball and looking forward to many more Watermelon Tourneys to come as there was a total of 16 Co-Ed teams and 61 combined teams for the Womens and both Mens divisions.

  • Mens E/Rec 3rd Place- Strokers

  • Mens E/Rec 2nd Place- BDE

  • Womens 3rd Place- All of Us

  • Mens E/Rec Champs- Roxy

  • Mens Upper 2nd Place- Victory

  • Mens Upper 3rd Place- Clayton's Homies

  • Womens Divisions Champ- Lady Vision

  • Mens Upper Division Champ- Tune Squad

Womens Division 2nd Place- Lady Patchwork