Sat October 02, 2021

By April Lovette

Wyatt Putman Energizes the Crowd at Crossties

The crowd was alive with energy last night when Wyatt Putman took the stage at Crossties in Texarkana. This was his first concert back home in Southwest Arkansas since he moved to Nashville four years ago to pursue a career in country music. Fans were delighted with his creative melodies like ”Little Black Dress,” “Red Dirt Born and Bred, “Stand Up Town,” and more. Although, a concert wasn’t the only thing taking place last night; Putman was also in the midst of shooting his new music video. Multiple Putman patrons brought their trucks before the show to participate in filming, and many fans also gained the chance to be a part of the crowd shots recorded during the concert. 

Earlier in the week, Wyatt said he chose to have this concert in Southwest Arkansas to share this celebration with those who have loved and supported him since the start of this journey into country music. The throng of loved ones and supporters were thrilled with his performance. Some showed their excitement by dancing or singing along to the music, while others yelled and cheered for more tunes. The night appeared to be a rousing success, leaving fans with only one question, “When is the next Wyatt Putman concert, and where do we get tickets?”