As clouds drift away, Hope’s Farmers Market brings plants, produce, other treats

Today’s Farmers Market in THE HUB brought the most vendors yet this season to sell farm fresh fruits and vegetables, baked goods, potted plants and jams and jellies according to the market’s manager Deana Gilbert. As of 9 a.m. about 12 booths were set up, but Gilbert said one more had been present during the market’s usual 7 a.m. Tuesday opening.

“Looks like we had an awesome crowd today,” Gilbert said, adding that she had signed two more vendors this week, both of whom will be offering fresh eggs, a popular item. The one vendor selling those today had already sold out by the time of SWARK.Today’s visit.

At the hospitality table were representatives from Farmers Credit, today’s sponsor. Clay Lance, Vice President and Branch Manager in Hope said the weather was perfect and said, “We had a good crowd early this morning. We’re just glad to be a part of the community and help sponsor the table.” On the table was cold bottled water, rice crispy treats and chocolate chip muffins.

Among the vendors today: Salinas Farms, Carolyn’s Kitchen, Mint Man, Farm on the Hill, Solomon Farms, Young Sprouts and Arnold Farms.

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