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Attorney General: Summary of Opinions Released

Opinion Number: 2021-080 Requestor:  Hammer, Kim The Honorable

Request for an opinion regarding the rules and scope of authority of the Arkansas Activities Association.  RESPONSE:  Regretfully, I am unable to be of assistance in this matter.  The issues identified in the material attached to your correspondence appear to involve the interpretation and application of AAA rules.  The AAA is a voluntary association of member school districts that have agreed – through signed, written agreements – to abide by AAA rules.  Questions concerning the interpretation and application of the agreed-upon rules fall outside the scope of an opinion from this office, which must be limited to questions of state law interpretation.

Opinion Number: 2021-095 Requestor:  Haak, Delia The Honorable

Q1) Since Benton County has more than 250,000 inhabitants, does Ark. Code Ann. 16-17-119 apply to prohibit Benton County from contributing to the salaries and operational expenses of the District Courts within the County?  Q2) If your answer to Question 1 is “yes,” does any other statute, such as Ark. Code Ann. 14-14-802, or 16-17-1106, nonetheless authorize or require Benton County to pay expenses related to the District Courts?  RESPONSE:  Q1)  No.  Section 16-17-119 applies to district courts that are outside of the state created and funded system.  But where a district court is part of that system, the cost-sharing requirements of section 16-17-1106 apply.  Because the courts in the First District are part of the state created and funded system, they are governed by section 16-17-1106.

Opinion Number: 2021-099 Requestor:  Thurston, John The Honorable

In light of the fact that the Second Extraordinary Session of the 93rd General Assembly adjourned sine die on December 9, 2021, what is the effective date of the acts passed during that session? RESPONSE: Acts passed during the Second Extraordinary Session of the Ninety-Third Arkansas General Assembly with no emergency clause or specified effective date become effective on March 10, 2022.

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