August’s ThursDAY Slip Away in Downtown Hope

Last night Historic Downtown Hope hosted another Thursday Slip Away themed “Art Walk”. The Farmers’ Market was located in The Hub. Jason Boyles offered okra, squash, and fig trees and Fern Dixon had Aunt Fern’s Fried Pies for sale. Elm Street Marketplace hosted Paige Meredith Ray whose paintings and graphic design projects were colorful and encouraging. Mrs. Peggy Williams at LaGrone Williams Hardware Store popped fresh popcorn for guests stopping by during the Art Walk, and just a door down from them Bob’s Antiques featured some wonderfully painted wood work by artist Greg Wolfe. Wilson’s Four States Furniture featured artist, Janey Seamans Hale, who showcased some of her beautiful fine art. Inked Threads was proud to have their very own Julie Russel, Independent Color Street Stylist, who offered free samples available from Color Street Nails. Paula Rashke, creative jewelry designer, was welcomed at The Studio, where she presented gorgeous, one of a kind, handmade jewelry. Last but not least, Michelle Hunt at Rae-Tays introduced two extremely talented vocalists, Arnetta Bradford and Jennifer Wright. August’s Thursday Slip Away did a great job of highlighting skilled, local artists and bringing the community together downtown.

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