Bailey Smith Signs as Head Basketball Coach at Nevada

Bailey Smith, a Prescott native has signed as head basketball coach for the Nevada Blue-Jays. Smith is a 2020 graduate of Arkansas Tech University where she obtained a bachelors degree in science with a certification in K-12 health and physical education.

Beginning in the fall, she will coach 7-12 junior high and senior high girl’s basketball as well as teaching 7-8 grade English at Nevada.

“I grew up a coach’s kid, a teacher’s kid so I grew up in the education world, just running the halls when I was a little kid and playing at the field house. My parents have always been the ones I looked up to so honestly getting into college and finding that career path, there was really no question about it, it’s what I’ve always wanted to do,” Smith said when asked if this was the path she had always dreamed of.

She is ambitious about this new journey with her athletes and plans on catering to each player according to their strong suits to learn what each team member is capable of, honing in on those skills and giving the Nevada Blue- Jays the opportunity to excel.

“I am very appreciative that Nevada School District has given me this opportunity. I am excited to meet the girls and begin my teaching and coaching journey as a Nevada Blue Jay,” Smith said of being hired for the head coach position.

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