Battery Complaint Results in Firing and Arrest of Deputy

An investigation into a battery complaint against former Hempstead County Deputy Joe Bradford, 32, resulted in his firing and arrest.

According to Hempstead County Sheriff James Singleton, Bradford was initially placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of an internal and criminal investigation into a complaint that he hit a female subject in the face on September 11, 2019 while she was in his custody and handcuffed. Sheriff Singleton said he fired Bradford on September 24 upon conclusion of the internal investigation. Investigators then referred the case to Prosecuting Attorney Christy McQueen.

Sheriff Singleton said a probable cause affidavit was prepared by investigators on October 8, 2019. It was reviewed by the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. Judge Randy Wright issued a warrant for battery 3rd degree (Class A Misdemeanor) for Bradford on October 15, 2019. Bradford was arrested the same day by Investigator Gary Dorman and taken to the Hempstead County Detention Center.

Bradford appeared before Judge Wright who set a November 12, 2019 court date for Bradford and released him from custody.

According to the Sheriff, Bradford, who previously worked as a law enforcement officer for Prescott Police Department and other departments in Missouri, was hired by the Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office in July of this year.

In a statement, Sheriff Singleton said, “As law enforcement officers, we are held to the same laws as everyday citizens, and if it is found that one of my deputies violated department policies or violated a state law, they will be held accountable. It is unfortunate that incidents like this occur and it leaves a black eye on the entire law enforcement family.”

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