Bequette releases statement regarding lead on cryptocurrency

Press Release

Senate Candidate Jake Bequette Continues to Lead on Cryptocurrency

Bequette is the only candidate “committed to defending Bitcoin and cryptocurrency”

Little Rock, AR – Senate candidate and Army veteran Jake Bequette released the following statement on the importance of protecting crypto from big government bureaucrats and uneducated career politicians. 

“My campaign is about fighting for America’s future, and I believe Bitcoin has a vital role to play in that future. While some career politicians blindly follow the lead of big-government regulators who fear the paradigm-shifting potential of cryptocurrency, my approach is laser-focused on ensuring that the regulatory environment is straightforward and wholly dedicated to encouraging growth and innovation. Moreover, we must acknowledge that continually printing fiat currency in a nation already saddled with $30 trillion in debt and skyrocketing inflation is unsustainable. I applaud the efforts of crypto-advocates like Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Cynthia Lummis, and Rep. Warren Davidson, and I look forward to joining them in their efforts to protect our country’s fiscal future.” 

Bequette continues to be one of the few outspoken candidates across America, and the only one in the Arkansas U.S. Senate race, who is committed to defending Bitcoin and cryptocurrency from government overreach. 

Bequette is also the only candidate in the race who is accepting campaign contributions in Bitcoin. 

His opponent, John Boozman, has a history of siding with fear-mongering bureaucrats who will use any justification they can think of to blindly increase regulations on cryptocurrency.

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