BHE ‘Wall of Honor’ recognizes veterans

Students learn about military service

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Beryl Henry Elementary School students honored local military veterans here Nov. 27 with a “Wall of Honor” ceremony and reception in the BHE cafeteria.
Sponsored through the BHE Parent-Teacher Organization, the names posted on the cafeteria foyer wall reflect the research by BHE students into the military service of Hope and Hempstead County veterans, according to Inell Thornton, PTO president.
BHE teacher Bennie Lard welcomed the veterans to BHE with a greeting and thanks for their dedication and service.
“We would not be able to live in this great country in peace and harmony without what you did,” Ms. Lard said.
BHE Principal Dr. Roy Turner and sixth grade student Tyrenza Hale read poems that reflected the vigilant service and sacrifice of military service by local citizens in war and peace.
Local veterans in attendance from three branches of military service were recognized, as well as Mrs. Gloria Jones, a war widow of the Korean Conflict, and mother of two sons who died in military service and another who is a carrier military officer.
Theodis Jones served as a military policeman in the Korean Conflict, while sons U. S. Army Col. John F. K. Jones served in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Stephen A. O. Jones served in Operation Desert Storm, and Sergeant Maurice F. Jones served in the U. S. Army.

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