BHE year-end honors presented

Contributed by Ken McLemore, Communication Director, Hope Public Schools

HOPE – The sixth-grade class at Beryl Henry Elementary School did the BHE Wave for the final time May 23, as the students were graduated to middle school and year-end honors presented in ceremonies at Hempstead Hall on the University of Arkansas-Hope campus.

BHE Principal Dr. Roy Turner gave the charge to the class to remember that the hardest part of the students’ academic life was behind them.

“Kindergarten is the hardest grade,” Dr. Turner quipped. “Kindergarten is where you learned to share; where you learned to take directions; where you learned colors and shapes.”

That foundation is what each student has built upon and will carry with them throughout their lives, he explained.

“This is where they learned to draw the pretty pictures that go on the refrigerator door,” Turner said, noting that those pictures represent a first phase of life.

Now, each student must incorporate new concepts into the second phase of their lives, including trustworthiness, responsibility, citizenship and sound choices, he said.

“Never forget that, I want to be somebody; I can be somebody; I will be somebody; because I am somebody,” Turner said.

BHE Principal’s Award medallions were presented to Kimberly Contreras, Isabell Barnett, Anielle Felipe, Blake Fincher, Tyrenda Hale, Aislynn Hallmark, Trinity Martin, Olivia Newsom, Lynda Pacheco, and Tianisha Young.

Turner said the awards represented the highest recognition a student might attain while at BHE.

President’s Education Awards Program gold honors were presented to Aaron Vargas, Tyrenda Hale, Azaria Martin, Aislynn Hallmark, TaNasia Young, Aniell Felipe, Izzy Barnett, and Serenity Robinson for maintaining a 3.5 to 4.0 gradepoint average.

Silver PEAP honors were presented to Melani Balbuena, Dana Lopez, Nakyla Williams, Olivia Newsom, James Artis, Jocelyn Hernandez, Cyntoria Glenn, Jessica Juarez, Blake Fincher, Aldaid Lard, and Abigail Contreras for outstanding educational growth and intellectual improvement.

A/B Honor Roll students for the year were Tyrenda Hale, Blake Fincher, and Olivia Newsom.

Chaniya Williams received the award for Perfect Attendance All Year.

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