BHS PTO Shows Their Love for the Senior Class of 2020

Every year high school seniors all across Arkansas are faced with many challenges, but none will likely ever compare to the senior class of 2020. This particular year and this particular senior class is definitely one they will always remember, but not for the typical reasons one usually recalls; the significant milestone of getting to be the big man on campus. The senior class of 2020 has been quarantined.

They have missed out on prom, sport events, banquets, even graduation has been postponed. Not to mention spending that last year with all of their high school friends learning, laughing and living that they will never get back. But even with all the disappointment, hope and love is always on the horizon.

The Blevins PTO has arranged a heartwarming message to the entire senior class of 2020 in the form of art work. On the lawn at city hall the BHS PTO has placed a sign that reads “PTO LOVES THE BHS CLASS OF 2020” complete with stars and hearts.

Emily McDonald, President of Blevin’s PTO said, “We, the PTO just wanted to do something special for the seniors to show our support and let them know we love them, because we know that their senior year has basically been ruined.”

This sign of love for the BHS senior class of 2020 is just one of the elements every community needs so badly in a world that has been turned upside down for so many. Messages of love, hope and pride are our saving grace in these precarious times.

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