Blevins Shines With 10th Annual Community Fireworks Celebration

The night sky over Blevins was radiating with light tonight as the Blevins Volunteer Fire Department (BVFD) presented the 10th Annual Community Fireworks Celebration at Blevins Elementary. Every year the BVFD puts on this show, with free admission for all, providing families with a meal, a fireworks display, and a safe, friendly atmosphere. This year’s show did not disappoint!

A huge crowd turned out to participate in the festivities, and it wasn’t just the tiny tykes who marveled at the bright sky. Once the last spark fizzled and people began making their way back to their vehicles, many local citizens could be heard praising the fireworks display with some stating it was the best show, yet. The BVFD said the event was a success with the help of donations from local churches, who also provided cookies, and also donations from other members of the community; these contributions assisted with the expenses of the food and fireworks. BVFD Chief Tim Choate shared with SWARK.Today the excitement felt by the entire fire crew at being able to present this celebration for the tenth year. “We love it.” Choate said. “It’s something we enjoy doing for the community. We just want to give back a little bit, however we can.”

Tonight’s celebration rounded up this Independence Day holiday weekend leaving spectators with more than just the shining extravaganza of light. Yet again, that small-town charm was on full display display as the BVFD, the local churches, and the rest of the community came together for some fellowship and fun.

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