Blimp to launch from Hope Municipal Airport

HOPE – Recently, a company called AirSign Airship Group landed at Hope Municipal Airport with an approximately 128-foot blimp.

AirSign Airship Group is a company that specializes in outdoor advertising for companies such as MetLife, Carnival Cruise Ships, Budweiser, and many others. The company’s blimps travel cross country to fulfill client’s contracts and make multiple stops all over the country to perform maintenance on the blimps.

The blimp that is currently in Hope and launching around 9:20 AM this morning is currently on its way to Nashville before it sets out on another long trip along with its crew of 11 people.

Crewmen Clayton (left) and Jordan (right) pose with the blimp and show off how large the blimp is in comparison to a person.

During the late afternoon yesterday, two crewmen: Jordan who has been with the company for almost a year and Clayton who is on about a week of training, were tending to the blimp.


The blimps need constant attendance to ensure that it doesn’t deflate and is prepared for its next launch. A crew of two pilots, multiple technicians and maintenance workers work numerous shifts 24/7 to guarantee the blimp is operational.

The banner displayed as an advertisement at Coachella.

In the surrounding area, there were a couple of trailers full of equipment that the crew hauls with them on every trip.

According to Jordan, the blimp has traveled quite a bit before making its way to Hope. The most recent destination the blimp had traveled from was Coachella, where they advertised a gigantic banner for one customer’s contract. He also mentioned that this particular blimp could possibly be found in the sky of Detroit advertising for Nascar in the near future.

If you’re looking to catch the blimp flying high above Hope, Arkansas, it will be launching this morning around 9:20 AM from Hope Municipal Airport.

Jordan and Clayton stated that the launch could take around five to ten minutes to complete.



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