Hope Public Schools

Board adopts COVID-19 pay plan

Ken McLemore

HOPE – The Hope Public School District Board of Education unanimously approved a one-time payment benefit Monday to compensate district personnel for work performed specifically relative to the district’s response to the COVID-19 health crisis.

HPS Superintendent Dr. Bobby Hart said the compensation is a one-time payment that is part of the district’s COVID-19 Compensation Plan required under federal law.

“This compensation will be paid through federal ESSER funds and is a one-time payment that does not become a part of a contract,” Dr. Hart told the board in a special meeting Monday night. “Only those staff who were under contract with the Hope Public Schools on May 27, 2021, are eligible for this payment.”

The payment will be calculated based upon the number of contract days an employee has worked on-site at a rate of $15 per day, he said.

Hart said the payment compares favorably with similar payments made by other districts in Arkansas within a range from $11 to $25. The payment will be incorporated into June payroll for the district, he said.

“This unexpected payment recognizes the hard work involved under stressful circumstances,” Hart said in an email to district employees Tuesday. “The administration and the Board are glad we can use some of our ESSER funds in this way and hope it’s a happy surprise for you.”

Payments will be made based upon employee applications required under ESSER funding which are to be submitted by June 14, he said.

In other actions Monday, the board approved year-end personnel changes and summer school assignments.

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