Board makes year-end changes

Contributed by Ken McLemore, Communication Director, Hope Public Schools

HOPE – Teaching assignments and new personnel were the considerations for the Hope Public School District Board in a called session conducted May 23.

HPSD Superintendent Dr. Bobby Hart presented the personnel changes to the board, which included some key changes in athletics programs.

Longtime Hope High School softball coach Mike Godwin chose to retire at the close of the 2018-2019 academic year after bringing two state softball championships to HHS and one runner-up title. Godwin has also headed the HHS golf program.

Jennifer Robbins, assistant to Godwin for the past eight years, will step into the head softball coaching role.

Daniel Hampton, Beryl Henry Elementary School coding instructor, will take on science teaching duties at HHS. Hampton will become head golf coach at HHS, along with assisting Robbins with the HHS softball program.

A Lafayette County High School varsity football and baseball coach for the past four years will step into coaching roles at HHS next year. Eryc McCaslin will become head baseball coach, and he will assist HHS Head Football Coach Phillip Turner with varsity football.

Robin Bautista moves from Yerger Middle School to HHS to teach math, and four others, including Celeste Dellinger, Ashley Byrd, Courtney Howard, and Kathryn Rose will leave the district.

Summer school assignments at HHS will include Jessica Rainey, English; Rianna Ghormley, science; Zac Hoglund, social studies; Charles Jones, math; and Adrianne Ware, tech Edmentum.  Jessie Henry and Whitney Hoglund will teach summer school Edmentum at the Creative Action Team School.

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