Bobcat Clinic Ribbon Cutting

The Bobcat Clinic greeted a great turn out at their ribbon cutting event today. Bobcat Clinic is a school based health clinic open to faculty, staff, and students grades ninth through twelfth. The Bobcat Clinic will care for all primary situations such as a stomach ache, ear ache, sore throat, etc. The Bobcat Clinic’s primary goal is to treat students faster in order to avoid the loss of instructional time. Cavun is partnering with the school to provide all medical services for the Bobcat Clinic. Cavun will provide things such as physicals, checkups, and even be able to draw labs. Counseling and mental health services will also be available through the Bobcat Clinic by a partnership with ACAPS. Melanie Sheppard, CEO of Cavun, says “Learning is best when students feel their best”. 

Bobby Hart, superintendent, said: “So many students don’t have access to quality healthcare, so it’s a huge deal to be able to provide that for our kids, faculty, and staff here at Hope High School. It’s also very important for students to be in the classroom, and we believe this clinic will be successful at cutting back the amount of time a student misses in a classroom when receiving healthcare off campus. We are crawling before we run, but we have hopes for the Bobcat Clinic to one day be open to the community as well. We would also like to add dental care and optometry in the future.”

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