Bobcat Clinic to Offer Employee COVID-19 Testing

HOPE – Diagnostic testing for Hope Public Schools personnel for the COVID-19 illness will be offered by the Bobcat Clinic at Hope High School on June 4.
Clinic Director Gretchen Carlton said testing will be drive-through only from 8 a.m. until 11 a.m. in the HHS main parking lot on 18th Street directly across from the clinic and the campus main office entrance.
“This is a diagnostic test to determine if someone is positive for COVID-19,” Carlton said. “The test consists of a Q-tip sized swab being inserted into each nostril.”
The test does not determine the presence of COVID-19 antibodies. Carlton said antibody testing is done by appointment only by calling 870-722-2733, option 2.
“The testing will be set up at the back of the parking lot close to the gate that joins 19th Street,” Carlton said. “You will not be required to exit your car; and, we will have the parking lot marked so cars enter and exit to minimize congestion on 18th Street.”
A blank registration form is provided online by the clinic.
“We will also have blank forms available the day of testing,” Carlton said. “Any district staff member wanting to be tested is encouraged to email me so that we can have an estimate of the number of kits needed.”

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