Botanera La Loma Cuts the Ribbon with Hempstead County Chamber of Commerce

The Hempstead County Chamber of Commerce celebrated the grand opening of Botanera La Loma with a ribbon cutting this morning. The new snack bar is located at 408 N Pine St in Hope, they offer a variety of authentic Mexican treats.

Many local citizens came out to commemorate the occasion while enjoying Mangonadas that were served in beautiful pottery style cups, Elotes, Fresas con Cremas, Guacamole and many other dishes were served for tasting. Limonada, a refreshing sparking drink was served to cool ones mouth after experimenting with different types of in house hot sauces.

Hope City Board Director, Mark Ross was among the crowd and said a few words, “On behalf of the City of Hope I would like to welcome everyone to the ribbon cutting with Barnabee and Maria Dominguez. I want to thank them for choosing to have a business here in Hope. It is refreshing to have a business like this. We are always looking for something new and different, this is definitely one of those places.”

“Our hours will be Monday – Sunday, 11am to 9 pm. We have a little bit of everything as you can see. We have lots of samples for everyone to try. I hope you all like it,” Owner, Bernabee Dominguez said.

The snack shop is decorated in bold colors with flags hanging down from the ceiling, beautifully decorated tables are on one side of the room while ice cream and drinks are in coolers on the other. When you walk in to order, the menu is posted right above the register and there are plenty of helping hands to assist you.

Hempstead County Chamber of Commerce Director, Christy Burns said, “This is such a novel place and I am excited that Botanera La Loma is here in Hope. I can’t wait to enjoy more of their fantastic refreshments.”

Be sure to stop by the new snack bar and try out all the authentic Mexican treats they have to offer. You can visit their Facebook page HERE, give them a call at 870-826-3087 or visit them in person at their location, 408 N Pine St, directly behind Subway.

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