Bruce Westerman is the Best Reason to Celebrate Earth Day


STONEVILLE, Miss. (April 20, 2021) – The Mississippi River Trust praised yesterday’s introduction of the Trillion Trees Act by House Natural Resource Committee Ranking Member Bruce Westerman of Arkansas. The bipartisan legislation, introduced the week we celebrate Earth Day, would set a target of restoring one trillion trees worldwide. This global effort would help sequester over 200 gigatons of carbon, an amount equivalent to two-thirds of all manmade emissions remaining in the atmosphere today.

“The Mississippi River Trust supports Congressman Bruce Westerman’s Trillion Trees Act because the bill supports forest restoration projects that will be critical in addressing the impacts of climate change,” said James L. Cummins, president of the Mississippi River Trust. “The Trillion Trees Act provides funding to promote urban and rural reforestation, prioritizes work where forests can store more carbon, and accelerates projects that restore National Forests at high risk of wildfires, especially in the West. We are also very pleased for what the bill can do to improve forests right here at home, such as the Ozark and Ouachita National Forests.”

The Trillion Trees Act focuses on reforestation, forest management, and timber utilization. Restoration and management of America’s national forests can help protect our communities, drinking water supplies, and fish and wildlife habitat. Active forest management are all effective tools to reduce wildfire threats while also improving habitat and helping to sequester carbon. In addition, the lumber produced by these forest management efforts will lock up carbon in long-lasting, forest products and create better growing conditions for the next stand of trees, which will sequester even more carbon.

“Every time I turn on the television or hear someone talking in the checkout line at Wal-Mart, the story is the same–they are cynical about government and politics. I don’t have all the answers but I do know the more people with the traits and skills of Congressman Westerman would be a good thing. We need more people who not only spend time around a bunch or turkeys, but like to call one up and shoot it on occasion. We need more people who devote time and energy to make government do a more cost-efficient and effective job. We need more people like this man who respond to the needs of ordinary citizens and respect their opinions. The entire nation owes Congressman Westerman a debt of gratitude for his leadership on this critical issue. His knowledge of how to utilize forests for their wildlife habitat, a partial solution to climate change, and as a mechanism to improve the economy of Arkansas and the rest of the Nation is so appreciated. Now that’s something to celebrate Earth Day for,” continued Cummins.

The Mississippi River Trust, a non-profit conservation organization, works only with private, willing landowners to find ways to conserve the Mississippi River watershed’s rich history, prairies, hills, bottomlands and bayous, coastal savannas, forests, and rivers.

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