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Business Spotlight: Hope Is Tickled Pink With A New Boutique

Tickled Pink is Hope’s newest boutique located at 100 East 16th Street, right next to Mitchell’s Medi-Mart and across from Hope High School. This trendy establishment may be small in size, but it is overflowing with the latest in fashionable clothing and accessories. From name-brand items to the latest internet trends, the wide assortment on the showroom floor does not disappoint.

Customers have a ton of clothing choices with Bella Canvas Tees, Girly Girl Originals, the wildly popular TikTok leggings, jeans from KanCan and Judy Blue, plus much more. Multiple accessories are available, including hats, sunglasses, makeup, and jewelry, even some from Tiffany & Co. Of course, no outfit is complete without a bag and shoes, and this blushing business has plenty of those, as well. A Tickled Pink Junior Collection is on display with mini clothes, tiny shoes, and petite purses for infants and toddlers. Also available from this collection are items like blankets, toys, and Itzy Ritzy baby gear, just to name a few. A rosyy combination of odds and ends like masks, spiral hair ties, Fidget Pop-Its, and Freshies are just a few more of the surprises in store for the patrons of Pink.  

Proprietor Jessica Williams began this enterprise with an online presence a few years ago and she is delighted to finally establish the brick-and-mortar aspect of her business here in Hope. “My life-long dream has been to own a boutique that has my personal style,” said Williams. “I also want to inspire others and I want people to feel special when they leave here. I’m so excited to get to do this in Hope, my hometown. People around town and other businesses have been so good to me by spreading the word and making referrals. That’s why I love Hope.” The inspiration Williams speaks of can be found all over the store. Motivational phrases and uplifting quotes are on the walls and even in the dressing room. Her favorite quote is by Marilyn Monroe and it is an apt description of Williams’ unique style and joyful personality. It says, “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” 

In addition to the fun outfits and cheery atmosphere, Williams provides shoppers with plenty of sales. Plus, a gift is included with each purchase, which is a nice little surprise to add to the experience. She also has a loyalty program which rewards patrons with a $20 off coupon after ten punches on their Tickled Pink loyalty card. Other rewards for customers are free giveaways for those who follow her online. Williams definitely has a knack for finding those precious gifts which inspire her clients to make a return trip for more.

After shopping the contemporary fashion and chatting with the upbeat staff, customers definitely leave feeling better than when they walked in, so Jessica Williams is living her dream. With such a wide variety of choices and an ever-evolving inventory, shoppers can find plenty to tickle their fancy. Or, patrons can just stop by for a quick hello, chat with the crew, and get Tickled Pink at the newest boutique in Hope. 

See photos below for more of Tickled Pink’s special inventory.

To visit Tickled Pink’s online boutique visit – She has SEZZLE!

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