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Business Spotlight: One | 24

Butler opens new salon in downtown Hope

By Hannah Black for SWARK Today

When you walk into a hair salon, you’re there for some sort of change: a new color, a different style, or maybe just a much-needed trim. You’re there for an update to your look, a bit of refreshment of the energy people see when they look at you.

When you walk through the door of One | 24 in Hope, Arkansas, you are instantly greeted by the sleek, stylish, and sophisticated promise that you and your hair will get exactly what you need.

History, love, and passion make One | 24 stand out. Owner/stylist Terra Cox Butler chose to locate her business downtown because she believes that downtown is “the heart of the city.” Butler said that at first it was difficult to sculpt a vision for the location because it needed so much work, but it all came to her when she saw the original brick wall underneath the old plaster. She wanted the exposed brick to be the focal point of her salon – and wanted everything she picked to go into the salon to complement the brick.

“I wanted a continuous flow of energy with the layout, not taking away from the history and the bones,” she said of the decor. “I had a lot of fun mixing the old with the new. I really strived to create a downtown SoHo loft feel. I want all of my clients to walk in and feel really positively and relaxed.” Everything that meets the eye in the salon was thoughtfully chosen, from the leather couch down to the books on the coffee table.  

Butler always knew her end goal was owning her own salon. She says the journey to making this goal a reality consisted of a lot of “blood, sweat, and prayers.” She studied at Pivot Point Academy Cosmetology School in Nash, Texas, before going on to work at Texarkana Headmasters Salon in Texarkana, Texas.

After five years, she decided to relocate to Hope and began working at The Loft. And even with more than 10 years of experience under her belt, she is very passionate about continuing and furthering education: she makes sure that both she and her stylists stay current with beauty trends and techniques by consistently attending advanced educational classes. They take online courses once a month and attend classes in person every few months in Dallas, Texas.  

Butler wants her salon to be all about beauty and positivity. She feels a lot of women don’t come to One | 24 to just get their hair done, but more importantly, to gain more confidence and feel more beautiful. “I want my clients to leave their baggage at the door and just come relax with us,” she stated.

One | 24 is a licensed olaplex salon that offers services ranging from cuts and colors to manicures and airbrush tanning. Certified sprayer Allison Sitzes offers a solution that is derived from natural ingredients and is customized to every client. Butler is pleased to say that she herself will be traveling to Dallas later this month to attend a class at Hair by Charlie, the completion of which will certify her to do hand-tied hair extensions.

There are three stylists, including Butler, currently working at One | 24. Taylor Cochran (recently married, formerly Taylor Jones) has four years of experience as a stylist and manicurist. Cochran told us she loves when a client comes in and she can “give them a whole new look that they are happy with.” Margaret Cox, Butler’s mother, also works at One | 24 salon. Cox has over 40 years of experience with hair and beauty. She has worked in four different states: Florida, Ohio, Louisiana, and Arkansas. “I have always loved the business of doing hair,” she said. “I love that it is flexible and always changing, because I never get bored.”

Throughout the years, Cox has really tried to ensure that her clients look and feel good when they leave her chair. She has served as a major inspiration to her daughter; Butler told us that she has always hoped to one day work alongside her mom. A new stylist, Ramsi Putman, will be joining these three lovely ladies late this year or early next year. She will be graduating from Cosmetology Academy of Texarkana.

Butler says she’s very excited for Putman’s arrival and can’t wait to watch her learn and grow at One | 24. “I am very selective of the stylists who join my team. I look for drive, goals, and a love of learning. I wanted a team of women who learn together, grow together, and be successful together.”

When asked if Butler could offer advice to someone starting their own small business, she responded with, “Prayer was very important to me in the planning of my business. Have a well thought-out plan and a goal in mind. Really take your time and don’t cut any corners. Never stop educating yourself. Never stop growing, and don’t settle for stagnant.”

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