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Business Spotlight – Prescott Floral and Bakery

Prescott Floral and Bakery is located at 228 E Vine Street in Prescott. Employee Holli Pierce, left, and owner Kaylea Martin, right, are always ready to serve Prescott and the surrounding area with floral arrangements, gifts, baked goods, and coffee.

Prescott Floral and Bakery is a little shop with a lot to offer. Owner Kaylea Martin opened the business back in November of 2018 in the same shop that held the previous Prescott Flowers for over 50 years. At the time, she kept the original name and primarily focused on that side of the business. A year later, Martin said, she expanded into coffees and baked goods, but has only recently changed the name to Prescott Floral and Bakery to let customers know that the shop offers a diverse range of products.

“We’ve done really well with our coffees and baked goods,” Martin said. “We do plenty with the floral side, but I want people to know that we do gifts and candles and everything else, too.”

Martin said she’s always had a craft-focused side, but originally went to college to teach. She laughed and said that, oddly, at least three florists that she knows went to school to teach and then went into the flower business instead. She said that, for her, the idea to open the shop came when she saw the “For Sale” sign in the window after coming back from Bluff City, where her sister is buried.

“I had been making arrangements for her headstone for a while, and when I saw the sign on the building, it just clicked,” Martin said.

Prior to beginning the bakery portion of the business, Martin’s experience came from baking at home, which she attributes to her grandmother, who made cakes and other baked goods all of Martin’s life. The shop has expanded, she said, to become a “one-stop shop” since they also do take-and-bake casseroles, drinks, and desserts, as well as gifts, flowers, and baked goods.

“It was scary the first year or so after we opened, because every penny we were making went back into the shop. We lived off my husband’s paycheck until we sort of got established and now we’re able to grow and turn a profit at the same time,” Martin said.

Since the shop opened, Kaylea has even added two employees to the business. Holli Pierce, who has worked there since April, also has an education background, but her very first job was in a flower shop for four years. The other employee, Sydney Cross, has only recently come on board.

Martin said that the shop gives a lot of opportunity to serve Prescott and the surrounding area. Prescott and Spring Hill are her big draws, but she gets a smattering of people from all over, she said. It’s given the business plenty of opportunity to serve the community as well. Martin said she’s made arrangements for weddings, funerals, households, and just about everything else. One of the big draws for the floral side of the business, she said, are the seasonal flowers they’re able to bring in for customers.

“Mums are pretty big this time of year,” she said. “We started with 80 about a week ago, and I think we’ve got about seven left,” she laughed. “People want to get them here. They not only support a local business, but people have told me, ‘I just never know what condition they’ll be in if I buy them at the grocery store.’”

Martin is also getting ready for the spooky season with some Halloween-themed offerings.

“We’re going Hocus Pocus cups where, if you buy the mug, you get a free coffee. We’ll have some cool spooky desserts. We’re bringing in dry ice for some cauldron drinks we’re going to have where people can come in and shop while they have a free drink. We’re really excited about all of it.”

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