Candy Craze fun at Kindred

Kindred Home Health hosts community coffee

Kindred Home Health employees offered some old fashioned fun with their treats at this week’s Chamber of Commerce Community Coffee. They let the guests fill

Sybil Brown, filling up her treat bag at the Kindred Home Health Community Coffee today.

fill a bag with the choices of  M&M’s , gumballs, chocolate covered raisins and more colorful and flavorful delights.

Community Care and Marketing specialists for Kindred thanked everyone in attendance for their dedicated community support and for attending.

They also spoke on some services they will be offering in the near future with the additions of transportation options for medical appointments and errands for home health recipients.

“This is a huge thing for us, ” Brandi Tweedle in business development for Kindred said. ” It will mostly be transportation to and from medical appointments with some room for running errands as well.”

Tweedle said they do not know the exact date the transportation services will begin but they are trying to get the word at now. Kindred officials said they also offer help when patients are in the process of changing medications.



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