Caney Creek Estate Joins Hope Farmers’ Market

Caney Creek Estates attended Hope Farmers’ Market this morning to host the Hospitality Table and provide market patrons with sweet treats and cool refreshments. Caney Creek co-proprietor Mark Ross said joining the market today was a great experience. “We strive to be involved with the community in any way we can,” Ross said. “We really enjoyed being here today and getting to know some of our local farmers and vendors.”

In attendance at the market today was Farm on the Hill with their fresh beef, Young Sprouts with freshly cut and arranged flowers, Farm Fresh Eggs with everyone’s go-to breakfast staple, plus fan-favorite, the Mint Man. Bringing fresh, locally-grown produce and homemade goods was Arnold farms, Salinas Farms, Silvey Farms, Solomon Farms, Carolyn’s Kitchen, Two Chicks and a Fox, Cilla’s Cookie Company.

The Hope Farmers’ Market is open every Tuesday morning at the Hub in downtown Hope from 7am to 11am.

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