Caney Creek Fire Destroys Home

Everyone escaped safely from an early morning fire in Caney Creek Wednesday but, with less than a week until Christmas, the loss felt by the two mothers who lived in the house with their children was clear.

According to Ashley Smith, at around 6:10 a.m., her roommate’s son Zavian woke her up, telling her there was a fire in the house. Ashley said she opened her bedroom door on the south end of the mobile home at 1500 W. 5th St. and saw fire around the stove in the kitchen. She said she immediately put Zavian and her son Trevell outside, grabbed her phone and called 911. Heather Clark, who leases the mobile home, had left to take her boyfriend to work and returned home to find Ashley and the two boys outside and smoke coming from her house.

Hope Fire Department and the Hope Police Department were immediately dispatched and quickly en route. Pafford EMS also responded to be on standby in case anyone needed medical attention while firefighters worked the scene. One of the fire department’s volunteers was first on scene and notified the trucks that the fire had spread through the structure.

Firefighters arrived on scene and were able to get the fire under control and prevent it from being completely engulfed. Once the fire was under control and firefighters were working on finding and putting out any remaining hot spots, attention turned to trying to locate Heather’s small dog, which she thought was still in the house. Firefighters searched through the house several times trying to locate the small dog and determined it escaped the house when Ashley and the two boys did.

The Hope Police Department interviewed Ashley and Heather and opened a report on the fire.

Mark Ross, one of the owners of Caney Creek and a member of the Hope Lions Club, said the he was very glad that everyone got out of the house and was safe. Ross made arrangements to ensure Heather would get assistance from the Lions Club, which helps Hempstead County residents whose homes were lost to fire, and told her where she could go to get clothes from the Lions Club to replace those they lost in the fire.

It’s unclear what personal property may be salvageable but the two mothers hope that at least their sons’ things can be recovered.Heather was mostly concerned about her dog and hopes to find her. If you find a small, brown chihuahua, please contact the Caney Creek office at 870-777-2035 and ask for Mark.

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