Car Doctors of Hope

Still's Auto celebrates 60 years

Still’s Auto pit crew poses for a 60 years in business photo.

Still’s Auto has been repairing those four wheeled machines that get us where we need to be for 60 plus years now. What do we hold as dear as our own health? The care of our cars, trucks, mini-vans, etc. Some of us may even care more about our cars or trucks than we do our own health..not smart maybe..but nevertheless true.

These roadmaster physicians started in 1959 with the dream of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jewell Still Sr. The family has kept the dream of their parents alive and well with top notch service and a friendly smile.

The dozens that turned out for Still’s 60th anniversary was proof of the impact and trust this business has brought to Hope and the surrounding areas for years.

“ They always respond quickly. If they tell you it’s going to be ready, then it’s going to be ready,” customer and friend to the business, Jesse Henry said at the gathering for the 60th.

“ I’ve been dealing with them for over 30 years and I’ve never had to bring one back. Everyone here that I have dealt with , everyone that has worked on my vehicle has treated me with the same respect and kindness,”Henry said.

“ Dad started in 1959 and trained us all,” Don and Jewell Still explained. “ We added the back part in 1972.”

Another attendee of the 60th anniversary celebration, Wayne Hairston, of Stamps commented about his experience with Still’s Auto.

“ We don’t have full service anymore, but I come in and they check all the solutions,” Hairston added. called the Still family , “ the salt of the earth.”

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