Chris Jones for Governor: Arkansans Lose Voice In New Congressional Maps

October 8, 2021

LITTLE ROCK —  The Arkansas Legislature has finished its work on redistricting after drawing the state’s new congressional district maps. These new congressional districts are predicated on dividing the state’s largest county, its capital city, and its majority African-American and Latino/a communities into three different congressional districts. These maps are widely expected to result in court intervention.

“Arkansans wants our leaders to bring us together and end our division. These maps do the opposite, intentionally carving up our neighborhoods to restrict and dilute fair representation. This is not how democracy should work,” said Chris Jones. 

“So many Americans who have fought for freedoms and struggled to have their voices heard were shut out of this redistricting process. This will prove costly and chaotic for Arkansas — costly and chaotic as these maps head to court, costly and chaotic for our communities seeking fair elections, and costly and chaotic for our state’s national reputation.”

“Basic fairness is not too much to ask. We won’t let Arkansas’s vote be shut out or drowned out. No matter how heavy the weight is put on our communities, we will ensure every vote is counted and every voice is heard.” 

The Arkansas Legislature passed both HB1982 and its Senate companion on Thursday. They have been sent to Governor Asa Hutchinson for final consideration. The governor has also expressed concern about the dilution of minority representation. Read more and view the new maps here.

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