Christmas in Whoville

Christmas Open House was a huge success this year in downtown Hope. Local business owners had their stores decked out with Christmas scenery, each packed with their own signature inventory. Prices were slashed in half and registers were ringing up all the soon to be Christmas gifts.

Delicious cocoa, cookies and candy were readily available for patrons shopping in their favorite stores on Main in front of Kindred at Home and on Elm they had tasty popcorn and fluffy cotton candy in front of The Studio and Elm Street Market Place.

Local vendors set up shop on the sidewalks to showcase their specialty soaps, clothing and many other unique items. There was definitely something for everyone this year.

The grinch, three total, was around every corner posing for pictures with excited kiddos. An old timey horse and buggy made rounds carrying shoppers across the square.

The HUB was full of families playing games and taking pics with their heads through a cardboard photo booth of ‘The WHO’S.’ Local charities set up inside the HUB to tell people about their causes.

It was a prosperous day for business owners and a much needed day full of smiles, laughter and fun for families walking together hand in hand downtown. Even in the midst of our new normal with masks, social distancing and Covid, there is still ‘Hope in Whoville.’

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