Christmas wishes granted to local children by Santa, HCSO, and Bingen Volunteer Fire Dept.

Santa has been spotted again in the area! This time he was on the north end of Hempstead County at the Bingen Community Center. 

Children and families in Bingen had a wonderful surprise tonight when Santa showed up with items from their Christmas wish lists. The kids knew Santa was on the way for a visit, with an impressive escort of the Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) and the Bingen Volunteer Fire Department, but they had no idea he was bringing some of the very presents they had been hoping for this year. Children of all ages gave Santa an enthusiastic reception after he made his grand entrance on the fire truck with lights and sirens. Then, he had a few elves help pass out the Christmas presents while everyone enjoyed their festive feast of hot sandwiches, chips, and sweets, plus juice and cider. The community center was buzzing with excitement as kids opened their gifts and saw none other than the very presents they had been hoping to receive from Santa on Christmas morning. Happy exclamations of surprise and joyous laughter covered every inch of the room. 

Tonight‘s event was part of HCSO’s Operation Christmas and was a joint effort between the HCSO and the Bingen Volunteer Fire Department. HCSO Sheriff James Singleton said a fish fry was held back in September, and the money raised at that event was able to bring 31 children some holiday happiness tonight. He said he was extremely proud of all the work that has gone into this event so these children could have some of their Christmas wishes granted. “We just wanted these kids to have a good Christmas,” said Singleton. “I want to thank the Bingen Volunteer Fire Department, plus their wives and the HCSO wives for the food and help with planning. We wanted everyone to have a fun night.” 

The children certainly had fun. Little Oarion said the best part of the night was seeing Santa! His sister, Aliyah, said she enjoyed seeing the big guy as well, but her favorite part of the night was the food! All of the kids at the party could be seen happily showing off their brand new gifts to their friends and entire families left the party with bright smiles. Operation Christmas now has its merry mission accomplished. 

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