Citizen Spotlight: Tiffany Dunham – Hope Parks, Recreation, and Tourism

Administrative Assistant Tiffany Dunham – Hope Parks, Recreation, and Tourism

Tiffany Dunham is the heart of the City of Hope Parks, Recreation, and Tourism department. As Administrative Assistant to Superintendent Summer Powell, Tiffany has a multitude of responsibilities for this fair city. She performs each task with extreme efficiency and a keen attention to detail, but she takes it a step further by bringing kindness and enthusiasm to those in her department. She does all of this while also being a mother to five young children and taking classes to receive her degree in Business Administration. No matter how busy or hectic any given day might be, Tiffany remains a bright spot, shining in the lives of those around her.    

Working diligently behind the scenes, Tiffany attends to the details that keep the City of Hope Parks, Recreation, and Tourism department running smoothly. She manages the office with all its day-to-day necessities, books all rental facilities for the parks, and answers the call and email inquiries to the department. Tiffany also assists with the billing and budget, the scheduling of ball tournaments, and the planning of events or activities, including the fair and  Hope’s biggest bash of the year, the Watermelon Festival. In addition to their everyday roles, Tiffany and the staff at Parks and Rec spend months in preparation and planning for the festival. Every year they work closely with the Hope-Hempstead County Chamber of Commerce to provide a spectacular celebration for local residents and traveling guests. Other responsibilities of this department include the care and maintenance of the parks and ball fields, the swimming pool, the fishing lake, the City of Hope’s tourist attractions, and the Hope Municipal Airport, just to name a few. Joe Key, Brandon Cox, Skylar Bohall, Kirk Gray, and supervisor Ronald Kidd are the guys who serve the community by caring for these special sites, and Tiffany is the go-to gal making sure they have everything they need. She completes all of these tasks with a sweet smile and an authentic consideration for others. Superintendent Powell says Tiffany has exceeded all expectations in her role and is the one who keeps that department running. “Tiffany is a tremendous help to me in this department, “ says Powell. “She runs the office and all that it entails with grace and kindness. I have not only enjoyed working with her, I also admire her personal accomplishments. She holds her family in high regard and makes sure her children are taken care of while also completing her degree. She still shows up to work promptly every day and has excelled in her position. Tiffany is truly remarkable; I am so proud of her and blessed to have her here.”

Outside of work, Tiffany’s positive energy and generous character are just as obvious.  She bears that proud mama smile when discussing Ellanora, Conner, Michael, Steven, and Stella along with their many activities and accomplishments. With five children, ages ranging from 2 to 13, she keeps a busy schedule, but she never complains. Somehow, Tiffany still manages to take classes so she can finish her degree in Business Administration. She takes it all in stride, maintains a pleasant outlook, and devotes all her energy to caring for her family. Tiffany’s husband, Matthew Dunham, is a deputy for the Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office and also the School Resource Officer for the Spring Hill School District, which gives him a busy schedule, as well. Matthew says Tiffany is the driving force that keeps their family going. “She is a life-saver,” says Matthew. “She works a full-time job, takes care of our family, and goes to school, too. I am so proud of my wife and everything she accomplishes each day.”

A common theme emerges when talking to any of Tiffany’s friends, family, and co-workers. A genuinely kind person, Tiffany’s big heart and warm spirit know no bounds. She is definitely the right person for the job. A job where, each day, her role is caring for a department and staff who serve the community in so many ways.  Add to that her affinity for business organization and facilitation, and it is no surprise that Tiffany is the one who tends to the many small, but essential details necessary for the continued success of Hope’s Parks, Recreation, and Tourism department. She serves each day with limitless generosity and honest sincerity. The communities of Hope and Hempstead County are fortunate to have Citizen Tiffany Dunham in their corner. 

Thanks to Tiffany and the staff at the City of Hope Parks, Recreation, and Tourism for inviting SWARK.Today to observe and learn about what you do every day and allowing us to share it with the community. 

SWARK.Today’s Citizen Spotlight is for recognizing those whose dedication and knowledge are an essential part of our community and industry. Often, those roles behind the scenes are equally as valuable, yet not common knowledge. To achieve success, every job is necessary and every person’s role is critical. If you know of someone who should be nominated for a Citizen Spotlight, send an email to [email protected] with the person’s name and a brief description of what he or she does, we would love to talk with them!

Tiffany Dunham and Summer Powell

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