City Manager Catherine Cook says Hope 4th of July celebration went ‘really well’

Hope City Manager Catherine Cook gave an update on the reception of the 4th of July fireworks celebration from the previous Saturday, July 3 at the biweekly City Board Meeting saying that it was a huge success.

Cook said that her and everyone that helped put it on learned a lot of that evening and know what to do if they put it on again next year.

“I thought it went really well,” she said. “I want to highlight that the park staff did a tremendous job getting ready. The police department did a really great job too.”

Cook gave a special thank you to Pafford Medical Services at the meeting.

“The folks that really saved the day for us was Pafford Ambulance who loaned their generator that basically powered all the stage stuff Saturday night,” she said.

Hope Mayor Don Still agreed that a lot was learned from this event.

“We learned a lot this year about what to do and what not to do so if we do it again we’ll know a lot about how to handle it,” he said.

Cook says that they estimated that over 1,000 cars with roughly three to four people each, generally, were in attendance and hopes that this size of a turn out will encourage more venders to sign up next year.

“Next year, I think some of the things we know, if we get to do it again, would be that we would try to line up more venders,” she said. “With an earlier knowledge that we were going to do it I think we can do that and also just the knowledge that people will come out. Some were a little hesitant because you didn’t know if ten people or 1,000 would come out.”

With only having four food venders at the event, Mayor Still hopes to double that for the next celebration.

“Instead of four food trucks, we could’ve had seven or eight and it still wouldn’t be enough,” he said.

Cook says that another factor that led to the success of the Independence Day celebration was the weather.

“The weather was perfect,” she said. “We probably won’t get that weather again, but we can hope. I thought for the first run through of an event like that, I thought it went really well.”

Both Still and Cook received positive responses from the public.

“Everybody was in good spirits and it seemed like everybody had a good time,” Still said.

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