City of Hope Encouraging Masks; Supporting Businesses that Require Them

The Hope City Board passed an ordinance regarding the use of face masks at their regular monthly board meeting on Tuesday.

This ordinance will allow local law enforcement and other city officials to enforce the use of face coverings upon a business premises in accordance with public health guidelines and assist in enforcement through education of individuals who decline to comply with the face covering requirement of any local business that the individual must abide by the local business’ mandate or leave the premises.

In a nutshell, the ordinance means this:

  1. IF a business requires individuals to wear a face mask upon entering, individuals MUST adhere to their request or leave the premises.
  2. The City has NOT mandated that everyone within the City of Hope must wear a face mask.
  3. The ordinance allows local businesses owners to be able to require a face mask at their place of business BY LAW, without fear of repercussions and allows local law enforcement and other city officials to enforce the businesses’ requirements.  

“By putting this ordinance in place, we are protecting our local businesses and the community of Hope. Although, the City of Hope is not mandating everyone to wear a mask at this time, unless entering a business that requests it, we do encourage all of our citizens to wear one when in public to reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure,” said Mayor Steve Montgomery.

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