City of Hope Parks & Recreation Now Hiring for Maintenance Worker

The Hope Park and Recreation Department’s mission is to ensure a safe and friendly environment for all guests to enjoy.   The maintenance crew is responsible for providing a clean and aesthetically pleasing experience at both Fair Park and Northside.  This crew primarily operates out of the Fair Park Office. 

This can be a dynamic and rewarding area of work but it may also be very demanding.  Maintenance workers may perform their job duties in all kinds of weather conditions, including extremes of heat or cold and also rain. Must be willing to work 1-2 weekends a month for a couple of hours.

Job duties include the following, and are not limited to just these areas:

  1. Pick up litter and remove bagged trash.
  2. Inspect and repair playground equipment, picnic tables, benches and other park amenities.
  3. Clean and sanitize public restrooms.
  4. Mow athletic fields and park grounds using a zero-turn mower.
  5. Ensure athletic fields are ready for games and practices.  
  6. Tend to landscaping necessities, flowerbeds etc.
  7. Clean all rental facilities and inspect for damage.

Preferred skills:

  1. Able to follow direction and report to direct supervisor.
  2. Communication skills within and outside the department.
  3. Must have or be willing to obtain a CDL license. 
  4. Carpentry and minor plumbing skills will be taken into high consideration. 

Pay will be based on experience and skills. Applications can be picked up at the Fair Park Office or City Hall.  Closing date June 1,2021. 

 For more information contact the Fair Park Office at 870-777-7500.

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