City Receives Transportation Alternatives Program Grant

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The City of Hope was recently notified that the City received a $460,000 Transportation Alternatives Program Grant (TAP) from the Arkansas Highway Commission. The grant will be used to build a pedestrian streetscape from the Historic Bill Clinton Birthplace Home to the Downtown HUB located at Second and Elm Street. City Manager Catherine Cook stated, “This is a wonderful opportunity for the City of Hope to connect the historic birthplace with historic downtown as well as continue to build on our successes of revitalizing Downtown Hope. I certainly want to thank the State for this grant opportunity, the Board of Directors for their vision and the Southwest Arkansas Planning and Development District for their help in navigating the grant waters. This project will provide a convenient and attractive path of connection between the two historic sites as well as encourage tourists, visitors and citizens to enjoy all the wonderful things that both areas have to offer. We anticipate a commercial benefit to our hard-working local businesses as we encourage the ~10,000 tourists that visit the Birth Place each year to foray into our downtown area to enjoy our southern hospitality, fine cuisine, antiques and retail shopping. This project is truly a win-win for our community.”

Mrs. Cook went on to say, “Over the past several years there has been great effort throughout the City to enhance beautification, strengthen infrastructure, strengthen education, promote Hope as a place of destination, increase our Parks and Recreational capacity, enhance public knowledge of our historic and noteworthy citizens, as well as promote public safety. We have had great input from citizens, citizen groups, commissions, businesses, State services, and others to help accomplish revitalization. We are currently working with Hempstead County governance in developing a 5-year strategic plan for our area. Approximately 100 citizens of the City and County have volunteered to help in this endeavor. These are exciting times for the City of Hope and greater Hempstead County as we explore new opportunities and a closer working relationship to accomplish great things for our citizens. We need everyone’s involvement to make Hope an inclusive vibrant City for our families as well as a hub of services that benefit all. I certainly want to thank the citizens of Hope for the opportunity to be your City Manager in this most exciting time for our City.”

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