Class of 2020 given charge

Contributed By Ken McLemore, Hope Public Schools, Communications Director

HOPE – The Hope High School Class of 2020 was reminded of the new culture of HHS which it will carry into the school year beginning next week as HHS Head Football Coach/Co-Athletic Director Phillip Turner gave the Senior Breakfast charge to the students.

“We are Hope; not just Bobcats, we are Hope,” Turner exclaimed. “This is an exciting time; it is time for you seniors to stand up and let everyone see who you are.”

Turner built upon a theme expressed earlier by HHS Principal Bill Hoglund.

“Continue to turn this place around to be what it ought to be,” Turner said. “Help us take the next step.”

Hoglund said the 2019-2020 academic year will be surprising.

“I’m excited about this class,” he said. “Someone in this class will do something miraculous this year.”

Hope High School Bobcat Head Football Coach Phillip Turner gave the Senior Breakfast charge to the Class of 2020 here Aug. 8. Approximately 125-130 senior students are enrolled at HHS this year.

Hoglund said the daily routine of academic and campus life will be the same in many respects.

“Go to class, do the work, keep the grades,” he said. “But, May 8 is graduation at Hempstead Hall at 6 p.m.; and, that night will not be about you, it will be about the sacrifices loved ones have made for you.”

Hoglund admonished the seniors to keep this year in perspective regarding those sacrifices.

“Someday, they will come back and say, ‘Now, I understand,’” he said. “That day is coming when the bright light will shine and they will say, ‘Thank you.’”

Hoglund said the four years spent at HHS have not been simply to prepare the Class of 2020 to graduate.

“We are here to prepare you to do what you want in life; to do it well; and be successful,” he said.

HHS Counselor Varonica Kennedy reminded the seniors they are not finished until May 8. Kennedy said she will be available on campus for students to consult about their progress on a regular basis. She said she expects to meet with each senior at some point during the year; and, seniors should begin planning for college entrance, workforce entrance, military entrance, or their chosen path now.

Senior sponsor Terri Hoglund reminded the students that caps and gowns for graduation will be ordered in September and delivered in March. Mrs. Hoglund said parents should budget graduation expenses carefully, and payment options are typically available.

“This is our year,” HHS Student Council President Daisy Aguilar said. “It is not the end, but the beginning.”

Approximately 125-130 senior students will be enrolled at HHS for the academic year beginning Tuesday, Aug. 13.

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