Clinton Birthplace hosts Junior Ranger Day to celebrate 10 year anniversary

Photo by Jordan Woodson

The President William Jefferson Clinton Birthplace Home National Historic Site hosted a Junior Ranger Day Friday to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the National Historic Site.

The Junior Ranger Day celebration is free of charge and includes two activities for kids to participate in along the backyard trail. One is about water quality, focusing on President Clinton’s Clean Water Acts Amendment that he signed while in office and the other is called Family Tree, Genealogy and the People Who Influenced You.

“Obviously we’re talking about President Clinton’s family of course because this was his grandparents’ home, but also we try to get the kids to think about their own family tree and who’s influenced them and who themselves may influence in the future,” Diane Elienstein, the Supervisor Park Ranger, said.

There is also a Junior Ranger book with three pages that kids can complete as well.

“When they complete their activities, whether it’s in the book or both, then they earn not only a Junior Ranger badge, but also the limited edition decennial Junior Ranger patch,” Elienstein said.

Junior Ranger Day takes place until 4:00 p.m., but it can also be accessed virtually on their Facebook page. All activities are free of charge.

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