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Coach’s Corner – Prescott vs. Centerpoint

Brian Glass and the Prescott Curley Wolves played a tough game against Centerpoint on Friday night, but managed to come out ahead in the fourth quarter. Glass said that, against a team as good as Centerpoint, jitters may have been to blame for the Curley Wolves making early mistakes in the first quarter.

“In our first three plays, two of them had mistakes on offense, and it forced an early punt, which is something we haven’t done all season,” Glass said. “You make mistakes when you play a good team, and they are one.”

Glass praised Prescott’s players, saying the boys never felt nervous on the sidelines and were able to rally in the fourth quarter. Centerpoint, he said, did their research on the Curley Wolves beforehand, making it an uphill battle.

“They did a great job blocking our screens all night, and making sure we couldn’t get any long runs. Once we got our running game going later in the game, they had trouble stopping us.”

Glass said that it wouldn’t surprise him if Prescott and Centerpoint meet again later in the season.

“In my opinion, they’re a legitimate state title competitor. It would take a big upset for us not to see them again.”

This weekend, Prescott plays at Genoa. Glass said going in that Prescott’s got to keep their heads in the game early and make sure not to make the same mistakes they did against Centerpoint.

“Genoa’s big up front like Centerpoint. We’ve got the speed advantage, but their offensive and defensive lines are good, so we’ve got to have a better early game than we did against Centerpoint.”

Defensive coordinator Jason Patrick mirrored Glass’s comments, saying that while some mistakes were made against Centerpoint, he couldn’t be prouder of the way Prescott’s players performed.

“They never gave up, even when they were three touchdowns behind in the fourth quarter. This weekend, we’ve got Genoa, who are another solid team, so we’ve just got to make sure we correct what went wrong,” Patrick said.

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