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Coach’s Corner – Prescott vs. Fouke

Prescott rolled over Fouke on Friday night, claiming a score of 56-0. Coach Brian Glass praised the Prescott offense, attributing a fast start and a big first down right off the bat to the night’s incredible momentum.

“Our guys were just after it,” Glass said about the team. Prescott put up 35 points before the end of the first quarter, and grabbed 21 more before halftime. With such a wide margin for Fouke to attempt to overcome, Glass sent in the junior varsity.

“We got 504 yards in the first half alone,” Glass said, “And our defense was just unreal at putting Fouke three and out all night. We only gave up a couple of first downs, and overall it was just a dominant game for our guys.”

Glass said that one of Prescott’s only weak spots was racking up five penalties and giving up 60 yards because of them. “We’ll be trying to get that down this week,” he said. “There’s always something to work on, and we need some improvement there.”

Prescott’s Offensive Coordinator, Davion Williams, was extremely proud of the team’s performance despite the weather. He said the players stayed balanced and did a good job ignoring the elements.

“We played well in the rain, which lasted until about halftime, but our managers kept the balls mostly dry and our guys executed the game plan,” Wiliams said.

Williams celebrated the offensive victory, saying that while the plays may not always go to plan, the players still get them to work. Two incomplete passes, Williams said, were about all the offense really had trouble with against Fouke, but he’s definitely getting ready for Centerpoint this weekend.

“We want to put our guy in the best position to make plays,” Williams said. “We want our receivers to get the ball. We can’t hand it off to Jaylon Hopson every play. We probably could, but we shouldn’t.”

Laughing, Williams recalled a moment with Hopson against Fouke:

“He had already rushed about 94 yards and I told him he needed about six more. He said to me, ‘If I get tackled on this play, just take me out.’ Then he broke multiple tackles and rushed for another 70 yards.”

Prescott’s Defensive Coordinator, Jason Patrick, was equally pleased with Prescott’s defensive performance against the Panthers.

“We played well, the guys came in wanting to fly around and create chaos for Fouke. We were able to execute our game plan and go as hard as we could,” Patrick said.

Patrick said the defense put their all into it and executed stunts, tackled well, and made room for the JV in the second half.

“We’ve put a lot of work into our JV boys the past few years and it’s really paid off. The first drive they gave up a first down or two, then it was three and out from then on,” Patrick said.

Prescott has their next game at 7:00 p.m. Friday against Centerpoint (Amity) in Prescott.

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