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Coach’s Corner – Prescott vs. Jessieville

Prescott’s Friday night match up against Jessieville was a long one for the Curley Wolves as the Jessieville Lions set out with a plan to run the clock as much as possible, limiting the Curley Wolves’ plans to put points on the board. To the Lions’ surprise, Prescott made the most of the time left to them, scoring every time they took possession, finishing the night with a score of 50-19 in favor of the undefeated Curley Wolves.

Coach Brian Glass commended the Lions’ ability to grind out the tough yards held by Prescott’s defenders. Their running backs and quarterback, he said, were making up good yardage and trying to get the ball downfield, but Prescott held them to just 19 points at the end of the game.

The Curley Wolves, Glass said, had a great night. Their passing game was nine for nine, and they scored on every possession. Jessieville is in hill country, and the wind made Prescott’s passing game more difficult, but Glass praised his team’s ability to overcome the adversity. In addition, Glass said, they did have to tough it out through a full four quarters, which is something the Curley Wolves haven’t done much this season.

This Friday, Prescott tests their 9-0 season at home against 8-1 Glen Rose to see whether or not they’ll get the number one seed in the playoffs.

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