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Coach’s Corner – Prescott’s Brian Glass Talks About Hope Game

On Friday night, Prescott and Hope met on the Bobcats’ home turf. Prescott walked away with a 49-13 victory, and Prescott’s Coach Brian Glass shared his comments and insights after a weekend of review.

“We came out and played well,” Coach Glass said. “We missed a few blocks, but Hope was without a couple of their starting players, so that helped us out a bit. They seemed a little conservative offensively, so that kind of worked out for us as well.”

Coach Glass said Prescott’s opening drive pretty much set the mood for their night. “We got pretty much all the way down the field in the first few minutes, and we managed to keep that momentum for most of the first half,” he said.

When asked about who he believed was the standout player of the game, he had equal praise for Jaylen Hopson and Jacaylon Zachery. Hopson, Glass said, ran 77 yards for a touchdown and Zachary picked up a hitch that became a 74-yard touchdown.

Despite the victory, Glass shared his belief that there’s also something to work on. Here, he pointed to Prescott’s blocking schemes that the team went over on Sunday’s after-action video.

A couple of Prescott’s players, Eli Quidera and Jaylen Hopson, added their opinions on Friday’s game.

Quidera said he was proud of the team’s big defensive stands, and attributes the win to team work. He said that the offensive team needs a little work at run blocking, but overall thought things were going pretty well. He pointed out Hopson, Zachary, and Jason Patrick as who he felt were the outstanding players Friday night.

Hopson said the defense made some big stops, but a couple of blocks had been missed. He praised the Prescott defensive team, but pointed to Maddux Yates and Detavern Thompson as stand-outs.

Prescott will return to the field on Friday night against Horatio. Kickoff is at 7:00 p.m. at Horatio.

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