Collegiate Academy Open House Virtual

Ken MClemore

HOPE – All 56 students in the Hope Collegiate Academy of the Hope Public Schools will receive back to school Open House information online to begin the 2020-2021 academic year.

HCA Director Sallie Nix said the use of online notification is part of the regular protocol for the academy.

“Because we have 56 students, we contact them with any specifics via video, email, or Remind texts on their phones, or make individual phone calls rather than putting all the small details out to the whole district,” Nix said.

Consequently, HCA students will be notified online via an orientation video Aug. 14 regarding the how classes will be conducted beginning Aug. 24.

“This method helps Hope Collegiate Academy students know exactly what information applies to them and where to look for it,” Nix said.

The online Open House will include:

–Orientation video.

–Digital copy of student schedule.

–Digital copy of HCA Handbook.

–Digital copy of Hope Public Schools forms. Students will be instructed how and where to return forms.

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