Collier reigns as Spring Hill HC queen

Extravagant event in gym highlights pre-game ceremony

By Rick Kennedy, managing editor
The weather may have been gloomy and wet outside, but Spring Hill senior Anna Collier was aglow in bright white in the decorated Spring Hill gymnasium before Friday night’s football game with Gurdon as she was named the school’s 2018 Homecoming Queen.
Attending Spring Hill since fourth grade, Collier said afterwards “This is a great honor, a big honor, it was really a big surprise.”
“It is a great feeling, you know I will always remember this, and I will always remember my court,” she said.
Collier won an earlier vote of the 2018 Bears football team to win the crown over a field of worthy student candidates. In the Friday ceremony prior to game time, Collier was escorted by her father, Gary Collier, who was standing tall next to her.
Collier sat the first half of the game, and then, after halftime, she resumed her more familiar role this year as a senior cheerleader.
Named as Little Mr. Spring Hill was Walker Cato and Miss Spring Hill was Lyla Harper. During the ceremony, Mr. Spring Hill Ramsey Brown and Miss Spring Hill Katie Rivera presented the game ball to Collier as the new queen.
The other maids and their escorts Friday night included Abbigayle Fisher (Senior) with her father, Eric Fisher; Lily Tyler (Senior) with her father, Matt Tyler; Karissa McGuire (Junior) with both her father, Donnie McGuire, and step-father, Shorty Ghormley; Arlee Pearce (Junior) with her father, Anthony Pearce; Jessie Vickers (Soph.) with her father, Mike Vickers; Darcie Chambless (Soph.) with her father, Matt Chambless; Marti Helms (Freshman) with her grandfather, Johnny Martin; and Riley Elledge (Freshman) with her father, Michael Elledge.
Sashers and bearers during the event Friday were Libby Flowers, Darci Durham, Colin Purifoy and Blaine Fisher.

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