Come Save at the Pig, in Camden

Piggly Wiggly is making a comeback across Southwest Arkansas. The Save-a-lot in Camden, Arkansas has been shifted into a new and improved Cost Plus Food Outlet, with the Piggly Wiggly banner.

They have changed all the effects in store already, signage, sales papers and sacks but the biggest change is the quality and brands of groceries available to shoppers. Now they not only carry the generic brands, the cheaper ones but also, the best choice brands and even national brands.

“We have your generic, the cheaper brands so to speak and then the next brand above it will always say best choice and then it goes into a national brand so technically we carry everything a customer wants, that’s the idea, to carry everything our consumers want,” District Manager, Goeff Salisbury said.

Little by little the store has progressed over the past several weeks, with new signage, sacks, packaging and shelves being assembled and set up. Groceries items from their new supplier, AWG/Associated Wholesale Groceries are already in store for consumers to grab with a grand opening to follow on November 4, 2020.

As always, they have ‘pig gear’ available; shirts, sweaters, hoodies, yeti type cups, coolers, tumblers, hats and more. “You name it, we have it so anyone that wants any pig gear, they can buy it while they shop in the store. That has really been going crazy in our other stores that we changed over so far,” Salisbury said.

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