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Common Ground AR report finds Republican candidates outnumber Democrats in county office runs

Odds are, you don’t personally know your Congressman. But it’s pretty likely you have a connection to your Justice of the Peace, Sheriff, or County Judge. 

Local elections are important. That’s why we’ve added a new searchable feature to our website listing candidates running for county level offices.
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1,977 people are running for county office. Of the almost 2,000 people seeking county offices:
69% are Republicans
23% are Democrats
8% are Independents

Party dominance varies by county.You can see this map in an interactive way on our website (or if on mobile, maybe try this link).
76% of Arkansas’ counties had a majority of candidates running as Republicans
16% had a majority running as Democrats
1 county had a majority running as Independents.

Hempstead County’s breakdown is:
43% of candidates are running as Democrats
57% of candidates are running as Republicans.
21 Candidates Total

Independents have a foothold. As you can see in the chart above, Independents represent more than a quarter of the county candidates in six Arkansas counties.

Scott County is the highest with 67% of its candidates running as Independents.

This mirrors a national trend away from partisanship.
The latest Gallup Poll shows that:
42% of Americans consider themselves Independents
26% consider themselves Republicans
29% consider themselves Democrats.

Common Ground Arkansas was founded by Sen. Jim Hendren, an Independent whose career in public service has spanned more than two decades in the military and more than 15 years in the Arkansas legislature. He continues to represent portions of Benton and Washington counties in the Arkansas Senate.

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