Community Coffee At Heather Manor

This week’s Community Coffee was hosted by Heather Manor and the unusually cold May weather didn’t keep people away. The event was held outside as a drive-thru and Heather Manor employees handed out lovely gift bags containing drinks, snacks, and even some Heather Manor keepsakes. Guests arrived to grab these thoughtful goodie bags and many stayed to chat with the friendly Heather Manor employees and other members of the community. Sue Atchley, from Heather Manor’s Admissions Department, said she and her co-workers felt thrilled to be hosting this week’s Community Coffee. “We’re very excited to have it,” said Atchley. “It’s wonderful to be able to share what we have with our community.” Chamber of Commerce Director Beckie Moore expressed appreciation for all of Heather Manor’s good work. Moore said, “The chamber greatly appreciates Heather Manor for all that they do in and for our community!  Today’s drive-thru coffee was just another example of how the team at Heather Manor serves others on a daily basis.” Today’s Community Coffee was a success thanks to the care and consideration of Heather Manor participating in one of the traditions that help Hope and Hempstead County come together as a community and move forward. 

Stay tuned to SWARK.Today for information about next week’s Community Coffee.  

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