Community Coffee at Hempstead Hall Creates a Buzz

Hempstead Hall held the community coffee this morning in their building on the UAHT campus. Tons of locals and city officials came out to enjoy the hospitality of the Hall. The refreshments were a combination of sweet and savory; two delicious dips with choice of crackers, a charcuterie board filled with meats, cheeses, tomatoes and humus, fresh fruits and veggies, along with a variety of pastries and sweets and as always, coffees and water. The food was beautifully laid out on a three table spread with a charming display of flowers on the center table.

Everyone enjoyed the atmosphere as they visited amongst each other. Shaking hands, greeting new and old friends. Many talked of current events, the possibility of snow later today and there was plenty of chatter about the upcoming production of Fairytales on Ice.

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Director of Hempstead Hall, Amanda Lance said, “It was so wonderful to see everyone today at the coffee. The Southwest Arkansas Arts Council and Hempstead Hall are great partners and never fail to provide exceptional hospitality. Getting to show off some of the Fairytales on Ice rehearsals was especially thrilling: watching everyone’s reactions and listening to cheers, I can only imagine the excitement that will happen during the show! Alex Wilfand and all of the cast with ICE Creative Entertainment have really outdone themselves this year and I can’t wait to see the theater come alive with magic on Saturday as the pirates and mermaids take the stage.”

Wrapping up the coffee, guests were excited to see a sneak peek of the brilliance that will take place on Saturday night as the ICE team rehearsed. Skaters glided across the stage ice so gracefully, the lights were beaming magnificent hues of color against the set and there was even one performer flying through the air. It was a sight to see for sure! For a full viewing of the show, tickets are available at, 879-722-8575, or at the box office right up to showtime on Saturday at 6:30. I guarantee this is not one you will want to miss.

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