Community Coffee in Honor of Prescott NC Chamber Board of Directors

This week the Nevada County Chamber of Commerce hosted their very own Community Coffee at the local library in Prescott, AR. The coffee attracted more people than usual filling the room up but creating such a great atmosphere as everyone visited and laughed with locals and enjoyed some food.

The chamber board members prepared a wide variety of appetizers and desserts for the event, well over enough to serve the number of people that attended. Everyone enjoyed the great food and some kind words were given at the coffee also.

Chamber Director, Jamie Hillery shared that this coffee was in honor of the Chamber’s Board of Directors, to thank them for all that they do for the community. “I wanted to let you guys know, I am so appreciative for the amount of people that came out today. I don’t think we’ve had a crowd like this in a while,” Hillery shared. “Thank you to our community for the wonderful support and all that you do for the chamber, and thank you to the Board of Directors for the things you do in this community.”

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